PINK - WHITE FOR SYM MIO 50 (HU05WD-S) (L0-L1) 2010

PINK   WHITE for SYM MIO 50 (HU05WD-S) (L0-L1) 2010
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Genuine parts for SYM MIO 50 (HU05WD-S) (L0-L1)

SYM 50 MIO 50 (HU05WD-S) (L0-L1) 2010

50 2010 MIO 50 (HU05WD-S) (L0-L1) MIO 50 (HU05WD-S) (L0-L1)
50 2010 MIO 50 (HU05WD-S) (L0-L1) MIO 50 (HU05WD-S) (L0-L1)

MIO 50

SYM scooter

Displacement: 50 cc
Year: 2010
Model code: HU05WD-S L0-L1